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Monica's Teaching Strategy:


  • Start from the ground up: She first starts with basic training, making sure students know how to sketch, replicate shapes, shade, while also teaching concepts such as symmetry, proportion and spacial awareness.

  • Teaching on an individual level: Monica is quickly able to build a relationship with each student. She tailors her teaching pace to that of her students' abilities and after learning the basics, tailors her subject matter to that of her students' interests.

  • Keeping things positive: Monica believes picking up on each unique child's sense of humor is key to being able to keep them focused, motivated and having fun!

  • Earning trust: Monica's students look to her for her complete, honest opinions because they trust that following her direction will help them to improve and grow.


Getting Started:


  •  Lessons are mobile to residents of Rancho Cucamonga (come to your home) or you can come to her studio instead. 

  • All materials are included! Watercolor paper is provided for painting. Canvas can be bought separately for an additional cost. See below.

  • Plan a designated art space. Carpet is not preferred for painting days. Monica can bring a table and floor tarp upon request.

  • Decide how many students you want to include in the lesson or if you as a parent would like to join too!


Pricing for Studio Lessons:

  • $20 - single student

  • $25 -  two students

  • $30- three students

  • $35 - four students

Lessons at your Home: Just add $5 to the hourly rate for the whole class.

Extra half hour: Just add only $10 to the hourly rate for the whole class.


Add Canvas! (watercolor paper option included):

Prices per Canvas

  • 8x10 - $2

  • 10x10 -  $2

  • 12x12 - $3

  • 11x14 - $3

  • 16 x20 - $5

*Prices are subject to change

*Lessons are available to ages 5+

*No experience is necessary!

*Both kids and adults are welcome!

*Availability is on a first come first serve and is offered on a weekly basis.

*After first class, must pay 3 weeks in advance at a time.

*One free reschedule is available for every 3 classes. Reschedule times vary and are subject to change. Must reschedule a class 3 hours prior to the start of class for it to not count as a cancellation. Cancellations are not refundable.

Additional reschedules will incur a $5 fee.

For more information contact:

(805) 433-3033






















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