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Halloween 2019

For those of you that don't know, my birthday is actually on Halloween! For my 28th, I decided to go as a spider siren. I know that's a weird "spin" on the siren theme, but it was inspired from a crown of mine that I just fell in love with.

Meet the Black Widow!

So much glitter! I love how this one sparkles, especially at night! Also the red gem with all the web-like chains, the Black Widow was the perfect name for this crown.

Pulling the whole look together, I made a matching necklace, bra, and skirt. The necklace completes the black window hourglass with matching inverse red gems.

I did a quick photoshoot at the lake by our house before heading out on a night of fun! I would have wanted a bit more of a mermaid shape with the skirt but at least the bottom half was detachable so I could go dancing!!

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