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Mermaid Game Night Ideas

Last Instagram Live (Monday Night 8pm EST), we played two mermaid games I've come up with. One of them is Mermaid Pictionary and the other is Wally Ball. They are both so super fun to play!

Mermaid Pictionary:

Instead of traditional drawing with a pen and paper, you must only use reversible sequin fabric to create the shapes for the others to guess the word. A pillow is pretty ideal for this. To keep it even more in theme, I suggest playing only with words that are mermaid, pirate, ocean, sailor related.

Wally Ball:

Basically you throw Wally for points up a staircase. Wally is the name of our Narwhal stuff animal. I picked him up recently at Hobby Lobby. He's ideal because he's squishy but also weighted to be able to thow him easily and have him come back down with speed. But it can also be played with a plastic ball.

You'll want to create point markers. You can do this with a firm paper and some tape. We set it up as 5, 10, 20 and 50 points. We play first to 250 points wins. It's important to reserve the 50 points just for the last couple of steps to make it more challenging.

Each person on their turn gets to throw Wally three times. If they do not catch Wally on his way back down the staircase and he hits the floor on the landing, then that person will lose all their points for that turn. If Wally is thrown over the last step, no points are rewarded and they give up the rest of their turn. If he stops motionless anywhere else on the staircase, no points are rewarded and they lose the rest of their turn.

That's it! Super fun, safe and easy! Just always watch your step when coming back down the stairs.


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