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Neptune Festival 2019

So awesome that I moved to Virginia in time to see the Neptune Festival! One of the best parts about it is the international sandcastle building contest! These works of art are truly massive and will blow your mind!!! I never dreamed anything so gorgeous could be created by sand. The festival is held once a year around September in Virginia Beach. It's truly massive and runs along the boardwalk over two miles with food and craft vendors. After walking the whole festival, I definitely needed to take a Lyft back to the car. It was so fun dressing up as Queen Neptune! Lots of people stopped to take pics with me and a local artist gave me a small steel sea turtle sculpture for free for being dressed up.

The crown I wore I named the Miss Neptune. I was actually planning to keep it. It was so pretty to have even as just a decoration. I did sell the set at Mermagic Con and it went perfect with the dress she wore at the gala (Mermagic Con blog post coming). Of course I do disclose any time I sell a crown after wearing it once to an event.

It was a hot and humid day which was a bit of a struggle for me having just moved from dry CA. Hopefully the longer I'm here, the more I get used to it. The festival lasts three days and I'd love to participate as a vendor at some point selling my art and crowns. We'll see if that dream happens. Given it's prestige, it is a pricey event to get into. It would just be great though to have my whole area know about me and my business. And it could be worth it long-term if I book a lot of birthdays from it. Perhaps I can negotiate a deal if I create a photo op station in my booth. We shall see though, and I'm glad I didn't sign up this year given the pandemic. But I would still like to at some point in the future.

They have a parade in the morning I heard, though I missed it. Apparently there's lots of mermaids in it. That would be so cool to see too! Although who knows, maybe one year Mermaidazzle will get its own float!

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