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New Years Eve 2020

I've always had a love for the 20s and art deco design. I got all dolled out in this 20s/mermaid infused outfit to celebrate.

I added fringe and more sequins to my dress, I made gold mermaid cuffs, a quick rope necklace and of course my crown topped off the look. hehe

Before heading out we did a quick photoshoot in the bedroom in front of my mirror that is too heavy to hang. (We used to have an art deco theme and this will prob get covered in seashells soon.)

We went to a party at a old timey mansion. They had 20s inspired drinks that we were told was open bar. However, total crack up, when we came in they said drinks are $20, but this will help (slips envelope to us). The envelope contained three fake $20s each and this is what we used as our drink tickets. A very cute touch.

Art Deco Mermaid

Art Decopus

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