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Rockstar Rainbow

Flashback to my Rockin' Rainbow collection! These crowns featured rainbows with blacks and silvers and extra pointy edges. Definitely a look I want to revisit soon! If you scroll below, here's some photos of me modeling these crowns in Downtown San Clemente, CA.

But first, what's even cooler is how the Rockstar Rainbow Mercorn sold to one of the most talented, rockstar females I know! That's Twitch Sing's Mermaid Unicorn! Alanna Sterling is an amazing Canadian singer/songwriter with so much power and soul. She won the competition by a landslide, performing in this crown in front of over 20,000 live online viewers plus a live audience at 2019 TwitchCon's Twitch Sings. She truly deserved the big win. I was so happy for her and to perform while recovering from Laryngitis, makes her such a pro! You would have had no idea because she killed it!

Here are some screenshots of the epic performance!

These were taken before the performance that can be found on her instagram @sterlingsilversinger

Curious to hear this siren musical queen? Check her out at where you can catch her live or listen to past broadcasts!

Modelling the collection in downtown San Clemente:

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